Ugandan President agrees that anti-gay Red Pepper Tabloid is bad news


Museveni ‘under pressure to ban’ Red Pepper

kenandm7In an article by Grace Natabaalo it is revealed that Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has revealed that he is under pressure to ban local tabloids such asRed Pepper for exposing nudity. “We could have closed it but because of the pressure by western powers about the free press, we relaxed,” the president said.  How ironic of an admission – that because of our Western values (pertaining to freedom of speech,) the President of Ugandan would bow to pressure on the issue of freedom of speech for the sake of unacceptable nudity, yet the East African country has complained vehemently about being expected to bow to the West when it comes to tolerating homosexuality as a non-crime, by scrapping the idea of the Anti-Homosexuality Bill.

And the irony gets more interesting when apparently:

“Mr Museveni was responding to a delegation of American human…

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Mercy is a public health and humanitarian practitioner, strategist and community educator and mobilizer, blogger, HIV/AIDS and Social Justice/Human Rights Activist who is courageously advocating for the Dignity, Health Equity and non-discrimination of all Marginalized and Vulnerable Social Groups by fighting the prevalent HIV, the widespread Homophobia and other forms of socio-economic exclusions/injustice in Ethiopia. He is also the co-founder and director of the pioneer; Rainbow-Ethiopia Health and Human Rights Initiative, the one and only LGBTI Health and Human rights organization in Ethiopia Please feel free to Contact him at: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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