Rise of ‎homophobia in ‎Ethiopia: Anti-gay Civil Society coalition and media urges the government to impose tough anti ‎gay laws like Nigeria.

An anti-gay documentary titled ‘Sodomy in ‎Ethiopia, the Satanic Work of 666′ was released on 30th of June at Churchill International Hotel in Addis Ababa. The documentary was produced by a religious group called ‘Father TK association: Speak out about homosexuality in Ethiopia’ and was attended by hundreds of religious leaders of all denominations, patriots, artists, athletes, and other prominent guests and decided equivocally to continue sensitizing about the growing trend of western imported culture of homosexuality and child molestation using a series of documentary, art works and the media, to establish a national civil society coalition which can coordinate their  anti-homosexuality and homosexuals awareness and lobbying programs to propose to the government to pass a tough ant-gay bill like the one in Nigeria.

The release of the documentary was followed by a panel discussion and testimonial hearing of some male sex workers and ex-homosexuals on how their sexuality which their mentioned it as an illness exposed them to different health, social and security problems and cured from their homosexual behavior by being religious counseling and prayer…they call other fellow homosexuals to follow their foot step to be cured from the illness of homosexuality…they said “yes! There is a way to be cured from the illness of homosexuality….”

After the release of the documentary commercialized public notices are being posted all over the public places and streets of Addis Ababa including the around Merkato, the largest open market in Africa which is being visited by tens of thousands of marketers every day with anger and rising hostility. According to some LGBTI community members the release of this documentary was deliberately coincided with the high media attention and child molestation court case of 5 elementary school teachers who raped two boys aged 9 and 10 to provoke the society in hatred and anger.


Following all this several local newspapers and magazines including the most influential magazine-Addis Guday and the newspaper- Ethiopian Reporter published negative & ‎homophobic articles about homosexuality in ‎Ethiopia.

“The Confession of the homosexuals”- The Ethiopian Reporter


Addis Guday feature a detail article titled ‘A waking call on Spread of Homosexuals in a dormant State’ which urges the government to fully exercise the Criminal Law which criminalize Homosexuality acts by 5 years imprisonment. It Stressed that Homosexuality is alarmingly Spreading in the country and it is now surpassed the red line. The Magazine boldly asks its readers and government bodies that “what would be the fate of our children if Pedophilia and child rape continues in such manner and why the government chooses to be latent to take severe actions…?”


Rainbow-Ethiopia and other LGBTI community leaders would object all anti-gay rhetoric and distorting stories that presenting the LGBTI community as HIV/AIDS spreading agents, drug-crazed people negatively influenced by western culture and child molesters which is causing a backlash and fuels the already burning issues of homosexuality in the country and request all the media, the religious institutions, civil societies and others involved in this homophobic campaign to stop fabricating lies and propagate hatred against our community…we completely condemn all forms of molestation and rape against young boys and girls and willing to work constructively collaborate with all interested actors because this has nothing to do with consenting adult homosexuality. We really want the society and the government to understand that we are not a sex perverts, HIV/AIDS spreading agents and child molesters…we are just a marginalized sexual and gender minority who are highly affected by the homophobia and the HIV/AIDS epidemic…we are a vulnerable groups who desperately need equal and non-discriminatory HIV/AIDS and psycho-social Support Services to be a healthy and productive segment of the society in building our nation which is one of the poorest countries in the world.


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