Inaugural Showing of “Love Heals Homophobia”

Inaugural Showing of “Love Heals Homophobia”

You are invited to the inaugural showing of “Love Heals Homophobia” on Friday 11th October at 7 p.m. at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church at 301 A St SE, Washington. This film was made in response to an appeal from some of the countries where it is still illegal to be LGBT. Half of the 76 countries are in Sub Saharan Africa and there is often a link between American exported misinformation and homophobia going to Africa before it then ends up in the Caribbean.

Activists in countries where homosexual activity is illegal asked the foundation for a film featuring African-American clergy who have rejected faith-based repression of homosexuals. The result is the film “Love Heals Homophobia,” which will premiere in Washington, D.C., on Friday, Oct. 11. In the film:

Four remarkable African-American clergy trace their spiritual awakenings around LGBT issues in the hope other faith communities will create more open and welcoming spaces for the LGBT community.

Ed Breeding and Lindy Miles, the film’s producers, will join the four featured clergy, Rev. Albert Ogle, Angeline Jackson from Jamaica and supporters of the St. Paul’s Foundation for this remarkable and controversial film, designed to produce congregational discussion. Admission is free.

Please watch the trailer.


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