Exiled journalists

Below is a list of organisations that exiled journalists in East Africa can contact for support.

Organisations often offer support according to your work status and the nature of the threats you are receiving. It’s best to contact them directly to discuss your specific security and practical needs.

Article 19 – East Africa

Article 19 is an international organisation that advocates for freedom of expression. They have a programme in East Africa that supports diversity of the media, as well as the safety and security of journalists in crisis. They run the East Africa Journalist Defence Network and are part of the Kenya Media Working Group. They also provide emergency support for journalists at risk.

Contact: Nairobi, Kenya – kenya@article19.org

Doha Centre for Media Freedo (DC4MF)

DC4MF, based in Qatar, works for press freedom worldwide, with a specific interest in East Africa, and specifically in journalists in exile. Their emergency assistance programme supports journalists and their families when they are in need.

Contact: Doha, Qatar – assistance@dc4mf.org

East and Horn of Africa Human Rights Defenders Project

EHAHRDP, based in Kampala, is active throughout the East and Horn of Africa region. Their core work is to support the protection and safety of human rights defenders, including journalists. Besides advocacy and reporting, they aim to build the capacity of organisations and individuals throughout the region. They run safety training courses, and a resource centre in Kampala.

Contact: Kampala, Uganda – protection@defenddefenders.org

Free Press Unlimited (Reporters Respond)

FPU, based in Holland, supports the right to reliable information. As part of these efforts, they run Reporters Respond, an international emergency fund for journalists and media outlets in crisis.

Contact: +31 6 38820516 / +31 20 8000444reportersrespond@freepressunlimited.org

Frontline Defenders

Front Line Defenders, based in Ireland, supports human rights defenders at risk.  Journalists, and journalists in exile, often come within this mandate, although it does depend on the nature of your work. Part of their support of journalists includes running an emergency hotline, which can be reached by phone on +353 (0) 1 21 00 489, Skype (front-line-emergency) and by secure email.

Contact: Dublin, Ireland – info@frontlinedefenders.org.

International Federation of Journalists (IFJ)

IFJ organises journalist unions worldwide.  Part of their work includes the running of the IFJ Safety Fund, which can provide immediate financial relief to journalists in crisis, as well as the families of those that have been killed.

Contact: Brussels, Belgium – ernest.sagaga@ifj.org

Media Legal Defence Initiative (MLDI)

MLDI, based in the UK, provides legal support to journalists and media outlets whose right to freedom of expression has been infringed. They do this by using and supporting local lawyers and NGOs. Make sure you read their guidelines before contacting them for advice or assistance, as they don’t deal with legal aid for the refugee process.
Contact: London, United Kingdom – info@mediadefence.org

Protection International – East Africa (PI-EA)

PI is an international organization that focuses on providing tools to human rights defenders so that they can protect themselves and better understand their own safety. Their website focuses on sharing experiences on how to protect human rights defenders.

PI runs a regional programme in East Africa, based in Nairobi. They do not provide direct financial assistance but can be contacted for advice.

Contact: Nairobi, Kenya – Contact PI

Reporters Sans Frontières (RSF)

RSF, based in France,  publish research and advocate for freedom of expression. Their assistance fund supports journalists in crisis, and they have been very active in working with exiled journalists in East Africa.
Take a look at their guidelines for journalists in exile if you need further information as a journalist seeking asylum.
Contact: Paris, France – assistance@rsf.org 

Rory Peck Trust (RPT)

Supporting journalists in exile in East Africa has been one of the core aspects of RPT’s assistance work. Aiming for sustainable solutions to long-term problems, RPT has provided support ranging from basic subsistence to seed funding for businesses.

Contact: London, United Kingdom – africa@rorypecktrust.org



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